Our Process

  • Scheduling the Estimate - We will work to arrange the estimate around your schedule. Our professional office staff will work with you to determine the best time for us to come out and give you a free estimate on your project. You can fill out our Contact Us form and request a specific day/time for us to come out and give you a FREE estimate.
  • The Estimate - Our estimator will assess your needs, describe the process, and answer any questions you may have. Upon request, we will leave a list of past projects completed in your area so you can take a look at our work.
  • Color Consulting - Whether you know what color you want, or you need help from the ground up choosing the right color, out team can help. We want you to be happy with the choice, so we will not start any project until you have signed off on the color.
  • Preparation - Our crew will be scheduled to thoroughly clean the area we will be working on to ensure the surface is ready for paint and will promote maximum adhesion. Next they will prepare your home for painting. This may include scraping, caulking, and other minor maintenance items as needed.
  • Painting - We will protect all surfaces where paint could drip or spray with professional grade drop clothes, tape, plastic, and/or over spray protectors. One ready for painting, our crew will either brush, roll or spray depending on your specific project needs.
  • Clean-Up - We keep the work site organized and clean on a daily basis. All trash from the project is collected and disposed of daily. You will have the opportunity to inspect all work and job site cleanliness, before our crew leaves your location.
  • Completion - Upon completion, we ask for a final rating of our performance. These ratings are used to maintain and improve our level of customer service and project quality.
  • Warranty - We provide a three-year warranty on our work.